Silent Auction

Our silent auction is a winner! From jewelry to sports, toys to pottery, our silent auction is always changing to connect with your interests and with the seasons! We have antiques, collectibles, designer items and more on silent auction for you.

Anyone can join in the fun and excitement by registering to receive a bidding number. Stop by or call 316-283-9461 to get a number!

Silent Auction Rules

  1. Bidders must register before placing any bids. Please retain your bidding number for all bids made in person or over the phone (316-283-9461).
  2. Unless otherwise specified, you must raise the bid by $1.00 or more than the previous bid. If the bid is raised less the designated amount, it will be void.
  3. You may bid on an item as many times as you wish.
  4. After 5 business days of an uncontested bid, the highest bidder will win the item(s). Business days are those days the store is physically open to customers.
  5. The bidder has 10 business days to pay for and pick up the item before the next highest bidder is called. Payment is due at or before pick-up. Customers may pay online or in person.
  6. Customers may pick up the items inside the shop or at our back door.
  7. Bidders misusing bid numbers or tampering with the Silent Auction will be disqualified from future bidding.
  8. Sales tax is included in your winning bid.

Newton Et Cetera Shop will provide a description and photos of silent auction items on-line and in the store. The Shop will do its best to provide bidders the opportunity to examine items up-close, but that will not always be possible.

The bidder is encouraged to visit the shop to see the item(s), and is responsible for examining photos to aid with assessment of silent auction items. The bidder is also encouraged to ask questions of management if the condition of the item is in question.

Become a bidder and you just might be a winner!