Summer Crew Mixes It Up @ Et Cetera

Have you noticed some new faces around Et Cetera this summer?  We’ve had so much fun with the summer crew.  Several college age kids and a few high school ones dedicated much of their time to Et Cetera.

They probably think us managers are totally crazy by now. (We get nervous when we hear them snicker…just sure they are laughing at us.)  But we totally LOVE them!  Love their laughing, their ENERGY, their humor, and their hard work.  They’ve transformed the place.  Come check it out!

Visit our blog soon. They will be posting a little about…humm….well, just check back and see.

Sarah says it’s time for a blog.

And Sarah’s almost always right.  Our thrift shop has been around since 1976, and a lot has changed.

We get more than a box of donations a day.  Way more.  We still run mostly on volunteers, but these days we have some paid staff too.

We still give nearly 100% of our net profit to Mennonite Central Committee, a global non-profit fighting humanitarian and environmental crisis in 56 countries, including the United States.  But these days we also give back to our own community through partnerships with our local mental health agencies, public schools, arts programs, civics groups, the court system, and the local homeless shelter.

And I’m guessing computers were not in the budget back in 1976.  Now, it seems, we gotta have ’em.  So, here we are.  Blogging.

Turns out, a thrift shop is a great place to generate ideas… like how to repurpose a vintage coffee tin, or turn a dress into a cute bag, or how to turn that pink basket into the cutest (and most affordable) birthday package ever.  Those of us who swim in this stuff day in and day out, have also developed some ideas about thrift, consumerism, recycling, our economy, etc.  We generate so many ideas everyday…and we want to share them with you.  That’s why we decided to blog.  We got to SHARE!

So.  Join us for a little fun.  Get a taste of “what’s new.”  Think big picture with us.  And get a few exclusive insights now and then.  We’d LOVE to have you read our blog.

Leia & Sarah