Thrift Store Therapy and Inspiration

By Marlene Bogardred
My heart always beats a little bit faster as I get ready for my weekly therapy session.  What will I discover?  Who will I meet?  What new inspiration?  How much will I spend?
Oh wait, that money question is really a non-issue, since I love giving my money to this place! And I should clarify – this is the “thrift-store” version of retail therapy.
The Newton Et Cetera Shop is my destination, and it almost always satisfies!
As I wander about, my eyes brighten at the vintage, the slightly worn. I set my sights on fabric, household kitsch, wooden game boards, almost anything that could be used in an upcycling project for home or family.stocking

Last fall, I was delighted to find a 100% wool red sweater vest that I machine washed and dried (felted) and made into a Christmas stocking for our first grandson. I embellished it with some white embroidery.

I did the same thing to a thick striped sweater which turned into mittens for my sister.

Thecandlesn, after a Pinterest run one night, I raced in to Et Cetera Shop the next day to gather up women’s sweaters in red, green and cream.  I took a scissors to them and created some “candle sweaters.”  They look best in a grouping.

Once I found a large “fake” painting for $10 and painted chalk-board framepaint right on top of it.  With colorful markers, I now have a change-able sign that I place on the tall wooden easel I also found at Et Cetera Shop.  It’s great for advertising!

I decorate my home in vintage and so the shiny mid-clochecentury ornaments I have collected through the years find places all over the house. This time, they look cozy in a glass cloche. The small one I found at Et Cetera of course.

My weekly trips to Newton Et Cetera Shop give me a chance to imagine, experiment, craft, decorate and create unique gifts.  Yes, I purchase things on a whim. Yes, I sometimes buy stuff I don’t need.  Yes, sometimes the items return through the back door.
But it’s cheaper than therapy…you know…the other kind.bluegreen
Just remember – it’s not hoarding if the money goes to missions.  Ha!

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