Volunteer Voice: Brittany

Working at Et Cetera this summer has been an awesome experience.  I’m an Apparel Marketing major at K-State.  So my “big dream” is to own or manage a small business right here in Kansas. Having only been employed as a babysitter, I wanted to volunteer at Et Cetera to get a little experience working in a retail environment. However, I got so much more than just experience with retail.  The energy that Et Cetera has is amazing!  I loved coming in every Friday morning and seeing the managers, the volunteers, and the customers.  It was the perfect place for me test the waters of small business and to really enjoy what I was doing.

One of my favorite things about clerking was interacting with customers.  Being asked my opinion on shoes, clothes, decorations, and more by customers is what I live for! The satisfaction of being a helper is huge!

Leia even let me go completely crazy and make up a display in the women’s section.  Like I said, I went completely crazy searching the store for my inspiration and frantically hanging up my creations.  There was pepto-bismol pink, floral fabric involved and, as a girly girl, that’s all I could’ve asked for!

It was a summer I’ll never forget and I’m so grateful to the managers and volunteers at Et Cetera for taking me in and making me one of them.

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